Today is World Poetry Day! And here is conclusive proof:

So, it was a coincidence that I read a BuzzFeed article that quoted one of my favourite poets, Derek Mahon. His poem ‘Antartica’ was based on the story of Laurence Oates, who left his party in Antartica so they would have a better chance of survival, without him. I had no idea it was a true story. “I am just going outside and my be some time.” 

Mahon’s poetry is usually so lyrical yet dark, disorientating and thought provoking. The existentialist notion that "At the heart of the ridiculous, the sublime." echoes the Myth of Sisyphus, where Camus writes, ”there is only one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide”. 

But this poem, for me, is significant at this given moment because winter is nearly over, I can see a break in the snow clouds and the sublime seems possible again.

… there is plenty to ponder on!

So Happy World Poetry Day Tumblr! 

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